Friday, 16 June 2017

Great Gift Ideas That Nobody Ever Thinks of*

We all love receiving and giving gifts. Present giving is a practice that brings great joy to everyone. The only problem is that it is sometimes hard to think of something suitable to buy, which is why I thought you would all enjoy my sharing some of the gift ideas that I have come across recently.

Pictures and photos
Let´s start with how to turn some of the thousands of photos you have on your phone into great gifts for friends and family. The process is simple. All you need to do is to choose a great photo and get it printed up in some way. It really is an extremely easy way to create a beautiful personalised gift, and it does not cost much either. For example, you can buy big canvas prints from the HelloCanvas website for less than it would cost to take your friend out for a meal in a nice restaurant. Canvas prints look great, so they are not likely to end up gathering dust somewhere unwanted and unloved like a novelty ornament would.

These days, you can have photos printed on practically anything. One of my favourites is phone cases. Everyone likes to own a unique and stylish phone, so a new case with a unique design is a great gift for a fashion-conscious friend.

Personalised makeup kits
For someone like me, makeup always makes a good gift. If you know what products your friend or family members like to use buying a few items and putting a few of them in a nice beauty case or bag makes a welcome gift. For those of you on a tighter budget, something small and pretty like a decorated lipstick case would be a good, lower cost, alternative.

Tailored clothes
A lot of people love the idea of wearing clothes that were made just for them. Yet most of us just assume that tailor made clothes are too expensive. As a result, the only time we wear an item of clothing that has been made specifically for us is on our wedding day.
Well, the good news is that more and more tailors are offering their services online, which means that prices have steadily fallen. Today, you can easily buy a gift voucher for a friend to have a tailor-made blouse or skirt made just for them. There are even a few firms out there that will allow you to design your dream dress and make it for you.

Any fashion fan would love receiving a voucher that allows them to have an item of clothing tailor-made for them. If money is tight you could always club together with other friends to buy this type of gift.

Make your own fashion and beauty gifts
Making your own jewellery and clothes is becoming increasingly popular. It takes a while to get good at it, but once you do the items you make can be wonderful gifts. Picking up good quality raw materials and the right equipment to produce professional results is easier than it has ever been, and the list of items you can make is nearly endless. 

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