Wednesday, 22 March 2017

March Wishlist

Hey lovelies, I am finally back with a new post! there are so many things online and instore that I really want to get my hands on and I feel like I am really liking the spring/summer trends this year!

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 Pink Puffa Jacket - New Look
This year I have become so obessed with puffa jackets. I feel like there are some really nice colours around at the minute. New Look are just smashing it with their choice of colours. I remember going in a few weeks ago and seeing a really gorgeous dark blue puffa jacket with a hood that I just couldn't stop thining about, but it was whilst I was browsing online that I came across light pink colour. It doesn't really start to heat up in the UK until around May, so I feel like this would still be a good investment.

'Unicorns are real' top - H&M
 Now, I'm not really a huge fan of sloan type tshirts or anything with words on as I find that a lot of them are quite cringey. But I saw this one in H&M a few weeks back and just had to purcahse it. I just feel like at the moment I've become so obessed with anything pink and to do with unicorns.. Maybe I'm finally becoming the princess I know I was meant to be!

Skinnydip Backpack - Topshop
I have a confession to make... I've become a little obessed with black backpacks over the past few months. My local Topshop sell a lot of Skinnydip London products and they always have the best ones in store. Ally recently got me the cutest backpack from Topshop for our birthday that I can't wait to blog about. I saw this one online and just feel like it needs to be added to my collection!

Off-shoulder Blouse - H&M
Last week the UK had a glimpse of what the weather will hopefully be like in the next few weeks. It was all blue skies with the hot beaming sun and a little breeze. I definitly wasn't prepared as I rocked out of the house with a hoodie and jeans and instatly regretted my fashion choices. I am really into off-shoulder blouses and there are some really gorgeous patterns like this pink one from H&M!

Brogues* -  Women's Shoes
With better weather soon approaching I've been thinking about my footwear transition. I feel like personally that I never have the greastet footwear for the hotter days and always find myself rushing out at the last minute to find some. Brogues are one of my favourite pieces of footwear to wear - these ones really caughty my eye because of the mix of seude and and patent panelling. I'd really love to get my hands on some espadrilles too - I didn't used to be very keen on them but I've seen them styled in the most beautiful ways and would love to give it a go at styling my own pair.

What is currently on your wishlist?

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Beauty // Review: NYX Liquid Suede

Hey lovelies, Happy February! I am finally back with a new post. Life has been so busy recently with uni, work and actually having a social life.. shoutout to my friends for being friends with me! I can't lie, I've gone a bit splurge crazy recently, as if I don't have rent and a kitten to feed. So expect lots of beauty content over the next few weeks! I also just got a new lens for my camera which is the Canon 50mm f/1.8. It's taken a while to get used to but I think my attempt in this post is quite good. I've also been posting like crazy over on Instagram - come have a look? I'm @vanzthemachine.

NYX Liquid Suede - Boots £6.50

NYX has fast become one of my favourite high street makeup brands. The quality really is amazing for such cheap prices. I've previously reviewed their soft matte lip creams here and their lip lingerie lippies here. I am such a big fan of their lip lingerie line that I didn't think I'd find myself liking any of their other lipstick ranges just as much, but I've really fallen for their suede collection. There's such a big variety of colours in the range and perfect for every skin tone. Another thing I really like about the range is that a lot of the colours are quite vibrant from what you'd usually find. There are 24 different shades to choose from.

Out of the range I have four different shades which are Stone Fox, Brooklyn Thorn, Oh, Put It On and Vintage. Stone Fox is a deep grey with a blue undertone. I actually got it back in October for Halloween as I was dressed up as a zombie bunny (some would say otherwise, LOL) and I wanted a colour on my lips that would really stand out. It's such a unique colour and I really wish I had the confidence to wear it with more casual everyday outfits. I've already talked about Brooklyn Thorn in my previous post, as it was a work secret santa gift from my lovely gurl Morgan! it's a shade that I always find myself reaching for no matter the occasion. It's a browny colour with a bit of a purple undertone or if I pair it with a pink lip liner, it's more of a mink colour. 

On a recent trip to boots I picked up both Oh, Put It On and Vintage. Oh, Put It On is a really deep purple, it almost looks black in my swatch. I want to come out of my comfort zone a bit more with lipstick, so I am super excited to start wearing it. Finally, Vintage is a bit of pink, red and mauve all rolled into one. In store I didn't swatch it but thought it would be a typical red, but was really pleased as it was a lot different to how I expected, it's more lighter than I thought. It's such a gorgeous shade. Vintage and Brooklyn Thorn have to be my two favourites.

These are like your typical liquid lipsticks, liquidy upon applying then a nice matte finish. The lasting power is incredible and I find that I barely have to reapply even if I've had something to eat or drink. I still feel like NYX is really underrated in the UK, when their products are ones that people should be raving highly about. If you can, definitely get your hands on a shade or two.. I promise you won't regret it!

Have you tried any of the shades from the suede range or any other NYX products?



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