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                                                                                    Hey lovelies,

 This feels like the oddest thing sitting here actually writing a post. I haven't written a post since May, which is crazy. I had so much college work to do that blogging just had to take a backseat for quite a while. I'm completely finished with college and can't believe that two years of it has well and truly come to an end but I'm half anxious and half excited to see what's to come now (definitely more anxious). Anyway, my summer has officially started and that means, more blogging! :)

Turtle Neck Top - Matalan/ Skirt - Asos/ Chelsea Boots - Depop/ Cat Ring - H&M/ Above Knuckle Ring - The Bohemian Collective  

I haven't been in a while, but every time I go shopping I just have to pop into my local Matalan and without a doubt, I always spend more money then I intend to but I always walk away a very happy customer with new clothing and accessories I know I won't stop wearing. I got this turtle neck top from there a while ago and I really haven't been able to stop wearing it. I've been after a turtle neck jumper for a while but I am so pleased with this top. I think it's better than a jumper as it's really light and with the ever changing weather in the UK, It doesn't get unbearable to wear when the sun comes out.I think the mustard yellow of my skirt and the white really go well together. 

H&M have really got their accessories on point. A while back I went in there and picked up some cat rings. This was one of them and love wearing it to jazz up a simple outfit. 

Are you a fan of Matalan? 

Song In Title: Lana Del Rey - Money Power Glory 

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  1. I love matalan too they have some real gems and are usually really reasonably priced, I got a black blazer from there a couple of months ago and have been pretty much living in it ever since ;) Love love love the cat ring too it's so cute :)
    Well done on finishing all your college work you must feel so relieved!
    Love Holly x

    1. Literally so reasonably priced, it's defintiely becoming one of my go to shops. Thank you lovely, it's been quite up and down these last two years with college but just so happy to have finished it.


  2. I know exactly how you feel about finally finishing college I finished completely a couple of weeks ago and it's exciting but definitely nerve racking!
    I love this outfit so much! Turtle necks are my favourite and this skirt is a stunning colour, you look great!
    I always forget to go to matalan but when I do always find something I love. x

    India Charlotte♥

    1. Congrats on finishing too lovely, it most definitely is. I guess we've just gotta look forward to what's to come! Aww, thank you ^__^ tell me about it, Matalan just do the best things.


  3. I love turtle kneck tops like this.
    So simple yet so pretty
    I love your jewelery too

    1. Turtle necks are just the way forward ;) thank you lovely! :)