Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Charcoal Challenge.❤

                                                                   Hey beauts,
I recently took part in Money Supermarkets Charcoal Challenge where bloggers had to host a BBQ on a budget of only £50. I hosted a BBQ with some of my family and as I don't actually have a garden it was held inside which is something I've never done before!

I did a big shop with my sisters when I held my BBQ. Two of my favourite shops for good bargains are both Asda & Morrisons so we decided to split the food shopping up. As it was an inside BBQ I decided to get a pan from Asda for only £8.00 which was a really good bargain, Ally used our older sisters pan when she held her BBQ but I decided to actually buy my own as I knew it would come in handy for future BBQ's too. We also picked up some other bits for starters which they had a lot of and not to mention their reduced section is always filled with the best goodies. We made a really big salad and I managed to find some really nice reduced prawns and cheese which really topped off the whole salad. Asda has to definitely be one of my go to shops for little party snacks/food.

We then headed to Morrisons to get more bits. In Asda we only picked up starter type food and they had such a good selection of paper cups and plates which saved us all the effort of washing up after we were done. In Morrisons I picked up two packets of beef burgers and 2 packets of hot dogs and some other vegetarian bits for Ally as she doesn't eat meat. We made a quick stop at Tesco too as they do really good meat free vegetarian sausages. After picking up all the main things and having still a bit of money left over I decided to get some more snacks/things to have after our food had settled. Of course I had to pick up Ben & Jerry's ice cream as it is one of my favourite ice creams and as it is priced at £5 it isn't something I pick up all the time. I lastly picked up a few bottles of fizzy drinks and a big squash for my little niece. I ended up spending £46.80 which I thought was so good as we did buy a lot of bits. I say if you just look out for all the special offers and things in store then you can really get your moneys worth on your shop and don't be afraid to look in the reduced section as there are always good bargains there! :)

Thank you to Money SuperMarket for letting me take part in this challenge, I had a blast!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Review: Corbico Jewellery.❤

                                                                                    Hey lovelies,
When my friend got in contact with me last week to say that her mum really liked my blog and wanted to know if I wanted to review some items from her amazing jewellery website Corbico Jewellery I couldn't have been happier. I was kindly sent two bracelets that I am so pleased with! :)

Spiked Shamballa Bracelet - £5.00 c/o Corbico Jewellery

I was so excited when this little beauty arrived. I love how big the spikes are on this bracelet and that the cord is black because that means this will be so easy to wear with any outfit. On the website it is said to be "Ideal for a punk, grunge or emo look" and I definitely agree. I love adding something a bit extra to give an outfit a grunge type of look and it's usually a lipstick that I wear that'll give it that type of look but now I think this bracelet will definitely add to it too. I think this is also really good for just jazzing up a simple outfit. Sometimes you just need that extra accessory to give more to your look. My favourite thing about this bracelet is that it's adjustable to fit most wrists. There are too many bracelets out there that are just for small wrists and it's nice that this one is made for all so nobody is left out. I think this bracelet would be good for wearing an outfit either dressy or casual. Could you imagine wearing this bracelet on a night out with a little black dress and black heels? yes please! 

Stainless Steel Two Heart Charms Bracelet - £12.00 c/o Corbico Jewellery

I think this bracelet is so adorable. I think it's one of those jewellery pieces that you find yourself wearing all the time and it just becomes your favourite. I wear quite a lot of dresses and think this is just such a lovely accessory to wear with them. I think silver is sort of the new black in terms of jewellery - I find that much like black, silver accessories go really well with whatever you pair them with? I think this really would be a great gift for a friend which is also what the site said too. This bracelet is so simple but it's one of those simple jewellery pieces that you just love so much.

All in all these two bracelets are gorgeous and whether for yourself or as a present I'd highly recommend them. They come in such pretty little gift pouches which makes them easy to keep safe. Definitely check out the Corbico Jewellery website and make sure to follow and like them on both Twitter & Facebook and whether you're looking for jewellery for a special occasion or day to day wear there's something on the site for everyone at such affordable prices. Thanks again to Corbico Jewellery for my lovely bracelets, they'll definitely be feature in some of my upcoming outfit posts! :) 

What do you think of my bracelets?

Friday, 26 July 2013

OOTD: A Million Pieces Thrown Out Across The Ground.❤

    Hey beauts
 I'm on a role with these outfit posts lately, haha! the weather has been so nice and sunny recently so that's why I'm wearing a dress in so many of my posts.

Dress - F&F Clothing/ Bow - c/o Birdcage Bows/ Heart Bracelet - c/o Corbico Jewellery/Chunky Boots - Simply Be

Can you believe that this snazzy dress I'm wearing was only £7? my mum bought it in Tesco but gave it to me because she didn't want it. Seriously never underestimate the clothes in supermarkets. I have to say that F&F clothing is definitely one of my go to places to buy dresses from. I've bought quite a few clothes from them before and last year I bought my dress from them for my sixth form prom. I always love the fit of their clothes. I'd say this dress is quite daring for me but daring is good! I like the length but it's a little short so I definitely need to invest in some cycling shorts to wear underneath. I am really digging these little tee dresses.

I love my cute little bow. It was made by the lovely Emmah from Birdcage Bows. I think it just tops off the whole outfit and yellow is my favourite colour, especially in the summer. It has definitely become one of my favourite hair accessories. My bow is medium sized. The site is full of so many amazing bows in lots of different colours and patterns. Everything is literally so affordable and I know I'll definitely be making future purchases. I love how I've put my heart bracelet from Corbico Jewellery in with this outfit too. I'll be doing a review on Corbico Jewellery next week! :)

P.S: If you think the dress looks a little weird it's just because there's a cut out at the back that I didn't take a picture of.

Have you picked up any sale gems recently?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

OOTD: Under A Trillion Stars, We Danced On Top Of Cars.❤

Hey lovelies
How cray cray is the UK weather right now? even though the sun has disappeared it's still so humid and the thunder and lightning is pretty scary. In today's post I am featuring a beaut necklace that I got sent from Miss Luxe. If you haven't already check out the review I did on the Barry M lipstick that I also got sent from them a few weeks ago! :)
Dress - Store Twenty One/ Necklace - c/o Miss Luxe/ Sandals - My Mums

I purchased this dress last year and it really is one my favourite dresses to wear in the summer. I love the coral colour. It's so easy to dress up and down as well which is so handy. I have such a big love at the moment for coral/orange dresses. I just think they look so lovely in the summer. I paired my dress with my necklace from Miss Luxe. I absolutely love the colour and think it adds more to this outfit as the dress is lovely but it's quite plain at the same time. I think I'll also get such good wear out of this necklace towards winter too. I love wearing collared blouses with jumpers in winter and I think this will look so lovely tucked underneath collars. Sandals really are the best footwear to wear in this weather. This whole outfit just reminds me of the beach!

The lovely Bridget from Miss Luxe has given me a 25% off discount code for my lovely readers. Enter 'summer25'.

Are you a fan of coral dresses?

Song In Title: Birdy - Wings.



Wednesday, 17 July 2013

OOTD: Giving Love But Getting Nothing Back.❤

Hey beauts
Yesterday me & Ally went to Birdy's album launch in Central London. It was such a lovely evening. Birdy performed some old tracks and some new ones from her upcoming album Fire Within which is out on September 23rd. She is absolutely incredible live and afterwards we got to meet her and she was really sweet.

Dress - Topshop/ Headband - Primark/ Flats - H&M

As I knew we were heading into Central London and the heat was going to be at its highest I decided that I needed to wear a dress and do something that is way out of my comfort zone... Go bare legged! I know it may seem really silly but sometimes my low self confidence really does get the better of me and in this case I was scared that if I went out in a dress with no tights on that people would stare (and perhaps tell me to put my chicken drummer legs away!!) but anyway the weather is absolutely boiling so I told myself not to worry even if people were judgemental because I need to stop giving a damn about those people. So I decided to wear my favourite dress from Topshop that I got for my birthday. I absolutely love the colour and think it's quite flattering for my shape. I really love little tee dresses like this one. If I could this seriously would be my one clothing item that I'd happily live in for the rest of my life! Topshop have so many different designs and colours for the tee dresses on their website. I most definitely need to invest in more of them as they really are so easy to wear.

Of course I had to throw my flower headband into the mix too. It makes me feel so happy when I wear it. I also wore my H&M flats too as it's way too hot to wear any other kind of footwear - In extreme hot weather conditions my feet need shoes they can breathe in. All in all I really liked wearing this outfit and nobody was judgemental towards me so going out bare legged has definitely made me feel a little more confident and for as long as the weather in the UK is hot like this I shall not be going out in tights. Louise's video about body confidence has definitely played a big part in me trying to be happier with the way I look and not taking any notice of what others may think of me. This has kind of turned into a confidence post more than an outfit of the day but if you're reading this I challenge you to do something this summer that you've always wanted to do but it may be a little bit out of your comfort zone. *Make sure it's legal.* ;)

Do you like tee dresses? and if you were to do something that was slightly out of your comfort zone what would it be?

Song In Title: Birdy - People Help The People.


Monday, 15 July 2013

Review: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume.♥

                                                                           Hey lovelies
I honestly don't know how to feel about the weather in the UK right now. I like sun but can't deal with this major hot heat, waaah! anyway, today's post is a review on Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume. I know it came out ages ago but it's too good not to review even after a year it was released.
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume - Birthday Gift

This was a gift that I got for my birthday back in March. I was honestly so happy when I unwrapped it. I am a massive fan of Taylor and knew instantly that she'd create such a sweet smelling perfume and damn, gurl did good. This has become my everyday perfume with both my mum and Ally always asking to have squirt whenever they go out and I don't actually blame them. ;)

The way in which I describe this is basically that it's summer rolled into a perfume. It's the sweetest smelling flowery type smell but isn't overbearing like other perfumes. It reminds me a lot of another favourite perfume of mine which is Avril Lavigne's Black Star perfume because both are such sweet scents. The word 'Wonderstruck' means "Experiencing a sudden feeling of awed delight or wonder" and I know this probably sounds strange but it's one of those smells that sound like what they mean... Make sense?

It's honestly such a perfect scent for the summer and since getting it I've been so obsessed with putting it on daily. It really does last for a good few hours and then after a few hours go by you can still smell it but with a little respray it'll make the smell stronger. No matter whether you're a fan of Taylor or not I highly recommend everyone getting this. I'll most definitely be repurchasing this when this bottle finishes. You can purchase this from a lot of places either online or in store such as Superdrug, Boots, Amazon and The Perfume Shop.

What do you think of Wonderstruck? Will you be purchasing it?


Thursday, 11 July 2013

OOTD: Lonely Hearts Club. Do You Want To Be With Somebody Like Me? Oh.❤

                                                                          Hey beauts,
I can't believe how hot the weather has been recently in the UK. I have to admit I haven't fully been enjoying it as I hate when it's far too hot to even go out and enjoy it. It seems to be staying hot with a nice breeze though which is what I love the weather to be like in the summer. Hopefully it'll stay like this so I can actually go out and enjoy myself!

Top, Necklace, Headband & Skirt - Primark, Sandals - Simmi Shoes

Yet again I seem to keep pairing a lot of my Primark clothes together. I just love it all. The top was actually my mums which I think she gave to me, I can't remember if she did or not but I shall be keeping it for myself. ;) I love how its a mustard yellow and yellow is my favourite colour and I love wearing it but I definitely don't own enough yellow clothes. I really like the pockets on it and think it's a pretty easy top to wear. I paired it with my black velvet skirt and think both colours go so well together. I matched the whole outfit off with Ally's hamsa hand necklace because it just sits nicely with it all.

On Monday I finally purchased my first pair of sandals for the summer from Simmi Shoes. I've never purchased anything from them before but have always loved checking out their website. I think they only have three stores in the UK and luckily for me one of them is actually right in my local town where I go shopping. While out with Ally and my older sister we decided to pop in and have a look at all of the amazing footwear and I came across these gorgeous sandals - I love the white spikes. There were only around 3 pairs left and I was so happy to find my size amongst them. They were all reduced from I think £15 to £5 pounds which is a total bargain. I'll definitely be going back in store more often and try to hunt down some other gems. I like my outfit for nice cool summer days like today when you're just popping out for a bit but still want to look a little summery too.

Have you found any good summer bargains yet? :)

Song In Title: Marina And The Diamonds - Lonely Hearts Club.


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review: Barry M - 162 Cranberry Red.❤

Hey lovelies,
I was very kindly given the chance to review a beauty item from Miss Luxe's site. Aside from their lovely clothing they stock brands such as Barry M and Eylure on their beauty side of the website. Obviously since I'm such a mad lover for lipstick I knew straight away that I'd be picking one.

Barry M 162 Cranberry Red - c/o Miss Luxe

I went for this gorgeous cranberry red lipstick from Barry M. It reminds me a lot of another favourite of mine which is Rimmel London's 107 lipstick but what I really love about this one is that it's apart of Barry M's Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints which all have Coca butter in them so it doesn't make this lipstick drying at all on the lips. This really is such a bold colour and I especially love red lips in the summer. I usually just stick to using these berry type colours in the winter but I am absolutely loving them this summer. This is definitely an all round gem because it's one of those colours that look so good all year round. I also really love the packaging for this as well, it's different from their other lip paints as those ones come in matte black packaging and these ultra moisturising ones come in such a cute shiny fuchsia pink colour. Barry M is a brand that I've been buying for what seems like forever and they seriously never disappoint. This lipstick really is everything you could expect and so much more. Who doesn't love a good lippy that keeps the lips hydrated at the same time?

Do you have or will you be trying one of Barry M's Ultra Moisturising Lipsticks?


Friday, 5 July 2013

OOTD: We Don't Know Where To Go, So I'll Just Get Lost With You.❤

Hey beauts,
Finally, my first post of July. I've been so busy recently trying to get the last bits of college work in and I am so happy because I finally finished today. My summer officially starts now! tonight I'm off to see Despicable Me 2 at the cinema with Ally, my niece and older sister. Whoop!

Top - New Look (via eBay)/ Mint Green Skirt, Flower Headband - Primark/ Cardigan - Topshop/ Shoes - H&M

I wore this outfit yesterday when I had a big catch up with loads of friends that I haven't seen in ages. I absolutely love seeing friends after you haven't seen them for so long. I spotted this little beauty of a top on eBay quite a few months ago, I was determined to get it and was so happy when I won the bid for it. I totally forgot that I had it and and rediscovered it the other day. Definitely perfect timing to find it as the UK has been getting a lot of hot weather recently and this top is just so easy to throw on. My mint green skirt will definitely keeping making an appearance on here as the colour is just so perfect for the sun and not to mention my new flower headband too, ooh I just love it!

You can't really see them but I got some new dolly shoes from H&M a few weeks ago. There isn't anything really special about them but they honestly are so comfy and with the weather being so hot it's nice to have your feet feeling relaxed and not squished and sweaty, haha. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the hot weather! :)

Song In Title: Demi Lovato - Two Pieces. 



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