OOTD: Now I'm A Warrior, Now I've Got Thicker Skin.❤

Demi Lovato 17:16

FD Avenue Wishlist.❤

fashion 10:32

I Got My Running Shoes On.

Fitness 18:57

OOTD: This Love Will Be The Death Of Me, But I Know I'll Die Happily.❤

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Review: The Beauty Parlour Body Wash.

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My Week In Pictures #9

My Week In Pictures 13:04

OOTD: So If It's Just Tonight The Animal Inside, Let It Live Then Die.❤

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Recent Buys: iPhone 4S + eBay Polka Dot Case.❤

Case 14:39

OOTD: I've got That Summertime, Summertime Sadness.❤

ASOS 16:20