Tuesday, 28 May 2013

OOTD: Now I'm A Warrior, Now I've Got Thicker Skin.❤

                                                                               Hey lovelies,
I can't believe we're coming to the end of May already. This month has well and truly flown by. I can't wait to finally get into June. I finish college in the next few weeks and I honestly cannot wait. I just need to keep focusing on the work then my summer holidays will officially be able to start.

Grey Crop Top - Primark/ White Skirt - Primark/ Necklace - Primark/ Heels - tReds/ Bracelet - Primark 

It was my mums birthday last Friday and to celebrate, on the Saturday she held a lovely house party. It was so lovely to see her enjoying her special day. We actually left it until the day of the party to find our outfits. I definitely wouldn't recommend doing that but luckily for us we all managed to find something to wear. Ally actually picked out the skirt and top for me. I absolutely love the skirt and think white will be a big hit this summer. The crop top is a big favourite of mine. It was only £3.00 which truly is a bargain. I love how white and grey both go so well together. I'll definitely be buying more crop tops from Primark and pairing them with my new white skirt. The necklace was only £2.00 and it was something I just quickly grabbed before going to pay. It's so unique and I think it'll be easy to just quickly put on over outfits. Lastly, even though I wore tights I still decided to put my heels from tReds on. I got some really nice compliments about them. Since I now have this white skirt I think I'm going to go on the lookout for white heels & wedges to wear it with! I think this outfit actually made me feel my age! :)

Don't you just love Primark and all the bargains they have?

Song In Title: Demi Lovato - Warrior.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

FD Avenue Wishlist.❤

FD Avenue Wishlist.

                                                                        Hey beauts,
FD Avenue is an online fashion company who I've become very fond of recently. I love how they have loads of the latest trends for incredibly cheap prices. I also love how they pretty much do lots of sizes so there literally is something for everyone on the site. Here's my little wishlist post on just a few of the amazing clothing items that I want from the site!

Denim Shirt Playsuit - £27.99
I've had a love for playsuits for such a long time. I just love how they are so simple to style and you can get ones that go from basic to dressy. I picked this one out as I pretty much love anything denim. I think denim is definitely a big trend this year from denim skirts to denim shirts. I think with a nice gold necklace tucked underneath and some simple flats it would look really nice.

Peace Long Sleeve Jumper - £14.99
This jumper looks like it would be so oversized and comfy. The peace sign really caught my eye when I first saw it on the sight and in that moment I'd already planned out my outfits to wear with this beauty, ha. Leggings and disco pants would most definitely be the top two things I'd style this jumper with. I really love the cream colour too.

Fishnet Oversized Jumper - £14.99
I've really picked up a slight addiction for oversized jumpers. There will always be a big space in my heart for them. With the ridiculous UK whether not knowing whether it'll rain, snow or bring out the sun, it's literally best to have your jumpers stored somewhere. You've got an option of 10 colours to choose from and I think the royal blue and coral ones are my two favourites out of the colours to choose from.

Wet Look T-Shirt - £11.99
I absolutely love this t-shirt and need one in my life. A lot recently I've been noticing shops selling t-shirt styled dresses with leather on the sleeves. I was really surprised when I saw that FD Avenue have a t-shirt which is similar to dresses I've seen but just in t-shirt form. It looks easy to style and I can definitely see how you could go from day to night in this t-shirt.

Wet Look Leggings - 8.99
I've wanted to get my hands on some wet look leggings for a while now. Either most shops don't sell them or they're just too overpriced. The fact that these are only £8.99 makes me really happy. These definitely won't break the bank. I think these would look so nice to wear on a night out with a pair of heels and a top.

What do you think of everything I've picked? the lovely people over at FD Avenue also gave me a discount code that I can also share with my readers to get 30% off  any orders you make for a little bit. Make sure to enter the code 'VANESE30' to get money off your order.

                                                 Let me know if you order anything! :)


Sunday, 19 May 2013

I Got My Running Shoes On.

Donnay Trainers - Sports Direct £9

Hey lovelies,
I've been wanting to go running for a really long time now. I've just always loved the thought of putting your headphones in and just clearing your mind for as long as you can. As someone who pretty much gets stressed out quite easily I've always thought jogging would be my sort of thing. There's always been one little problem holding me back though and that's the thought of seeing people I know while out and about on a run but now I realise that it's silly to not do things you want to do just because you might see someone you know. Back in November last year my mum said that I could pick some footwear from Sports Direct and that she'd get them for me. I wasn't too sure on what to go for at first but then afterwards I thought to myself, well if jogging is something that I want to take up then I've got to make sure that I've actually got myself a decent pair trainers to go in. I always think picking the actual clothes is the easiest part because you can throw on jogging bottoms or leggings but the footwear is what I always think is the most difficult. These trainers were originally £17.99 but then got reduced down to £9 which is a total bargain. They've just been sitting in a box for months and I can't quite wait until I take them out for a lovely little run. Hopefully the sun will be sticking around to make it more enjoyable as well.  

Also, I just wanted to quickly add that I'm looking for people to do guest posts on here as I've got so much work to do in these next few weeks.. So if you'd like to guest post on here just email me: vanzblogger@hotmail.com :)

Do you go jogging? Got yourself a pair of running shoes?


Thursday, 16 May 2013

OOTD: This Love Will Be The Death Of Me, But I Know I'll Die Happily.❤

Oversized T-Shirt - Charity Shop/ Mint Green Skirt - Primark/ Heels - tReds/ Satchel - New Look 

Hey beauts,
I keep feeling like I haven't blogged in forever. I've been so busy lately with college and for what feels like the first time in ages.. I am actually starting to have a social life, YAY. This month I've literally been glued to eBay and have got so many things that I've wanted for ages, stuff like storage for all my lipsticks. I'll most definitely be blogging about it all! 

I wore this outfit today when I went out for a little bit of lunch (minus the shoes) with Dominic & Ally. About two weeks ago me & Ally did a bit of shopping in Primark and I'd wanted one of their £8 skirts for so long. I was originally going to pick up this same skirt in black as I knew it would be so easy to pair with things but then I saw this mint green one that just caught my eye. I decided I'd go for a change and pick this one up instead as spring has now arrived and it's such a pretty spring colour. I think I definitely picked the right colour and it has made me realise that I need to stop picking the most basic of colours and realise that it can be fun to experiment with other colours, rather than just black all the time. I got the oversized t-shirt this month in one of my local charity shops. I fell in love with the colour, it's sort of an offish white/grey.T-shirts are just so fun to style. When picking it up I didn't realise it would be quite so oversized on me but I've quite liked how I've been styling it recently. I got my shoes on the tReds website for £5, crazy right? I saw the lovely Islay do a post on them and literally within seconds of reading it, I'd literally snapped myself a pair of them in black. I wanted to go for the white ones but knew I'd get more wear out of the black ones. Hopefully if they restock more size 7's in white then I'll have to get myself a pair of those too. They literally are the dupes of Jeffrey Campbell Foxy's. They are so easy to walk in and they literally are super comfortable. I'm not sure on the inches (maybe 5 inches?) but I totally recommend these beauts to all of you and even though I'm not the best heel walker, I feel like I'm actually doing well when I walk in these bad boys.

Lastly, I picked this satchel up from New Look this week. I've been wanting another satchel for ages and when Ally spotted this one and told me I should get it, I knew I just had to. I was so happy when I saw that it had been reduced from £15.00 to £7.00 which really made my day. This will be my new little bag that I won't take to college but will take on little outings with me. I am so impressed with New Look bags. The bag I currently take to college is from there too. They aren't like other bags I've had in the past where they haven't even lasted me a month.

What do you think of my outfit? have you picked up any bargains recently?

Song In Title: Selena Gomez - Come & Get It.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: The Beauty Parlour Body Wash.

                                        The Beauty Parlour: Body Wash - Savers £1.49

                                                                      Hey lovelies,
While on a break at college me and Ally decided to pop into the local Savers near by. Things tend to vary price wise in Savers but everything is generally £1. I didn't go in intending to pick anything specific up but I knew I'd end up walking out with a few goodies and man was I right. While on the hunt for some new cream I saw loads of body products. I decided that I was in need of another body wash and that was when my eyes caught onto The Beauty Parlour's Body Wash. The way it looked just caught my eye. Usually if I find a product 'pretty looking' then I'll most definitely be picking it up. ;) Anyone else the same?

I honestly can't recommend it enough. It smells absolutely amazing and quite a while after using it you can still smell it on your skin. I feel a little bit like I'm on an exotic island when using it, haha! I think everyone needs one of these little beauties in their life. ;) I'd say that after using this in the shower you definitely should get a good moisturiser so that your skin doesn't start to get dry. I had a look on The Beauty Parlour website and I've seen that they do body lotions so I'll definitely need to get my hands on one. They've actually got a lot of products like body scrubs that I'll most definitely be trying out. If you want to pick this body wash up then you can from your local Superdrug and you can also get it online too. It's definitely worth having a look in a Savers too because I think they sell some of their items for a little bit less than other stores. If you're looking for an all round body wash that smells really good and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth then this product definitely is for you! :)

                    Have you tried this body wash before or any products from The Beauty Parlour?


Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Week In Pictures #9

A few cheeky Primark purchases/ Picked up Glamour mag with Gwyneth on the cover/ New outfit post here ft F&F Clothing 

My outfit for a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend/ Pub lunch with the girls, nom/ Vitamin water is my new favourite 

Filming for Media with Ally & Dominic/ Tried Supermalt for the first time, did not enjoy it/ Selfie on a lovely sunny day

I accidentally fell down a slide backwards and posted it on my Vine haha/ Slight addiction to Vitamin water/ Another new outfit post here with my new favourite flower skirt 

Picked up Bliss mag with Selena on the cover and had a tasty snack too/ First ever manicure with Ally, we love green/ New heels for only £5 *blog post coming soon* 

Out for dinner with Ally, my older sister and niece/ Tinseltown is the best/ Amazing cheesecake 

Picked up some Argan Oil hair bits/ Friends baked the tastiest muffins/ In love with my new MUA polish 

Hey beauts,
I am finally back to doing my week in pictures posts. I've missed doing these type of posts so much. It's such a good way for you to look back on what you've been doing each week. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll most probably have already seen the majority of these photos! I'm so glad that the quality of these photos are much better than how I used to have them. Last weekend and this week has all been about spending more time with friends and family while enjoying delicious food and drinks and I've seriously enjoyed myself so much. I really do hope the next few weeks are as fun as this week has been. I'm up to my eyes in college work and I cannot wait to finally finish in a few weeks then be able to actually enjoy my summer. I should hopefully be back again with this post next weekend, even though I can't promise it'll be as exciting as this week has been, ha!

Have a lovely week! :)


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

OOTD: So If It's Just Tonight The Animal Inside, Let It Live Then Die.❤

White Roll Up Sleeve Top - Primark/ Flower Skirt - Peacocks/ Necklace - Borrowed from Ally/ Red Flats - Primark

Hey lovelies,
I feel as if I haven't posted on here in forever when my last post was only on Saturday, haha. Anyone else feel as if it's Monday and not Tuesday? I've really been loving the warm weather in London but think the rain will be making another appearance again this week. :( Just as I was really enjoying it. I just wanted to quickly add that the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards are back again this year and if you wanted I'd love if you would vote for my blog as either 'Best New Beauty or Fashion Blog' here. :)

I wore this outfit to college today and I think this is definitely one of my all time favourite outfits. I got the roll up sleeve top from Primark last week when me and Ally popped in last week and picked up a few bits. It's one of the easiest tops to style and I love that it goes well with both skirts and trousers. I know Topshop do them and they're just a little pricier. I love the fact that it was only £3.50. So worth it and I really love the material of it. Just as I was getting ready to leave Primark last week I saw a neon pink one which I'll definitely have to pick up when I'm next there. Neons are my favourite in summer. I got this cute flower skirt yesterday from Shekinah. It's so fun when one of your friends has a clear out and they always ask whether any of you want anything. ;) I think it goes so well with the white top. As the skirt has flowers on it, you really don't need to go overboard with what you choose to pair it with. A plain top really does go nicely. Just before we left this morning Ally said I could borrow her necklace as it goes quite well in this outfit. I've seen so many bloggers with the same one and they always look so pretty on! lastly, I decided to top my outfit off with my favourite £2 red flats from Primark. They are so comfy and I really want Primark to start doing them in different colours, I'd totally buy them all!

What do you think of my outfit? anyone else really loving roll up sleeve tops?

Song In Title: Ke$ha - Animal. 

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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Recent Buys: iPhone 4S + eBay Polka Dot Case.❤

Hey beauts,
I hope you're all enjoying this lovely three day weekend. Gotta love bank holidays, I sure do. Eeek, so excited to be blogging about my new baby. I've finally got myself an iPhone. I loved my Blackberry dearly but it was time to move on. I'd wanted an iPhone for months but my Blackberry was still in perfectly good condition until about 3 weeks ago it randomly just died and wouldn't turn back on so what a perfect opportunity to finally get an iPhone. It's been so much easier to talk to friends & family since most of them have iPhone's too. I've pretty much been glued to it since I got it on Wednesday, ha. I also recently purchased this super cute polka dot case from eBay it was 99p with free p&p and it was from the UK and arrived within 2 days, I am totally going to become a case-ohlic. ;) Me also being the sweet sister that I am to Ally, I bought her one too. Check out her blog to see hers. I am going to have so much fun with my iPhone doing lots of new posts. I am so happy to be able to do 'My Week In Pictures' posts again with good quality pictures this time round. I will most probably even have a 'What's On My iPhone' post in the next few weeks too! 

Can you recommend me any good games/apps to download and possibly cases to buy as well? :)

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OOTD: I've got That Summertime, Summertime Sadness.❤

Top - F&F Clothing Tesco/ Skirt - Asos/ Trainers - Office/ Headband - Primark 

Hey lovelies,
Happy May 1st. How quickly did April go? eek, summer is literally around the corner and it's nearly time for me and Ally to finish college. I've been loving all the sunshine in UK, it really does make everyone so happy and in a much better mood. 

My mum knows that I am suffering with a big lack of clothes at the moment so last week while she was in Tesco she spotted this cute top. Navy is one of my favourite colours and I find that you can really pair the colour with anything since it's so versatile. Recently I've been just loving plain and simple tops. I find that they just go so well with all the clothes I own already. Don't get me wrong I really do love prints but you can't beat a plain top. Especially since I am forever leaving what I want to wear down to the last few minutes until I have to leave then end up running around like a headless chicken. I've mentioned my Asos skirt on here many times before and just think navy and mustard yellow go pretty well together. I got my cardigan off eBay a few months ago and it's originally from Topshop. I've literally been waiting for it to warm up so I can wear it since all the holes in it mean it can get pretty chilly when wearing it. I can't remember the exact price but I think I got it for under £5 which is incredible and just knowing that it would have probably been pricey in Topshop. Lastly, I have been loving my Office trainers at the moment. They were a bit uncomfortable when I first got them and I felt like they were too high but after not wearing them for a good while and finally putting my feet back into them I am loving them so much and find myself constantly wearing them. They are super easy to walk in. Office really do have the best sales!

What do you think of my outfit? :)

Song In Title: Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness.



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