Friday, 29 March 2013

Food Friday | Byron.❤

                                                                         Hey beauts,
I am certainly no food blogger but I really wanted to do this little post to share with you all the loveliest American styled food restaurant that I went to yesterday for a little catchup with Ellie & Ally which was called Byron. I can't remember who's post it was but not so long ago I was reading a post and someone said that Byron do the best burgers in town so I instantly knew that I'd have to visit when I next wanted to go out to eat.

There are Byron restaurants located in Cambridge, Kent, Oxford and a staggering 28 around London so we were definitely spoilt for choice as to where we could go but opted for the Camden location. Inside is honestly such a cool and relaxed vibe with chilled music playing throughout and the cosiest little set up. We arrived at such a good time at around 2pm and there was hardly anyone inside so that meant we were seated straight away with the nicest view by the window and within moments we were handed the drinks and food menu. I decided to go for the classic hamburger with french fries which came to a very small price of just under £10. My burger was incredible can I just say, cooked to succulent perfection. I've honestly never tasted anything as tasty and it was so so juicy and don't even get me started on how perfect the french fries were. It was the perfect portion just to hit the spot. As you can tell from my photos, I enjoyed the meal so much and pretty much cleared my plate. I definitely recommend that you all check Byron out, money well spent I'd say. You can click here and see the different areas that it is located as well as the menu. Let me know if you go to Byron any time soon!

I'd love to continue doing 'Food Friday' posts but they won't obviously be weekly as I don't visit restaurants that much. I actually enjoyed writing this post so much!

                                   Have you been to Byron before? are you thinking of visiting Byron?

                                                                 Have a good Easter weekend!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Style Inspiration: Pixie Lott.❤

*Images taken from Google Images.*

Hey lovelies,
I just love Pixie Lott's style. Every time I see a picture of her in a magazine or newspaper she always looks incredible. Her outfits can go from wearing something daring to something girly, but no matter what it is she can always pull it off and she's got a killer figure to go with it too and don't even get me started on her perfect legs. I think her style is quite similar to Mollie Kings who I also did a style inspiration post on here. Pixie loves cats too *fist pump* I always see pictures of her out and about rocking cat ear headbands which I really want to purchase more of. Pixie worked with Lipsy for a collection not so long ago but I'd love to see her do another one sometime soon.. Maybe she could work with Topshop to design some new cat ears headbands or with Goddiva to design some new dresses? whatever she does in the coming months to do with fashion I know I'm going to love it!

What do you think of Pixie Lott's style? :)


Saturday, 23 March 2013

18th Birthday Haul.❤

                                                                                 Hey beauts,
It was mine & Ally's birthday last Tuesday and last night we went out to Wagamama in Camden and celebrated with loads of our friends. I literally had such a good night and the food was delicious, nom. I really did get some amazing cards and presents and I couldn't be more grateful. I got so many things from my wishlist that I didn't even think I'd get. Just thank you so much.❤

                                         Topshop Charcoal Speckle Dress & Cream Trim Socks:
I honestly didn't even expect to get this Topshop speckled dress. I'd wanted one for months now and it was on my birthday wishlist that I posted on here a few days ago but was in utter shock when I saw that Shekinah had bought this for me and in the most perfect colour too. I'm just going to say now, I will basically wear this everyday without a care in the world. ;) It'll be especially really awesome to wear when it starts to get warmer here in the UK or for days that are still quite chilly, just throw on a little cardigan over it. The little frilly socks are so adorable too and I think wearing this dress, creepers and these socks would be such a cute outfit together.. No doubt I'll now be having that exact outfit of the day up in the next few weeks, haha. 

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer Galaxy 301 & MUA Shade 7 Lipstick:
Eeek, I can't believe I've now got another shade from Rimmel's Apocalips Lip Lacquer, I've got a little collection started up. ;) I already own Apocalyptic which I love and I'm now even more excited to try a new shade. I've seen a few reviews around and I can see that Galaxy 301 is a very nice pinky shade, I'm trying to move back into trying more pink lip colours and know that I'll get such good wear out of this. I was honestly so ecstatic when I saw that I got MUA's Shade 7 lipstick as I'd previously owned it a few months back and it broke so I'm super happy to have it back in my life again and it honestly is such a gorgeous colour. I am too pleased with my lip products, I love having lots of different colours to wear.

NYC 226 Madison Avenue Polish, Barry M Peach Melba Polish & Bird Printed Pocket Tissues:
I am so pleased that I finally own something by NYC.. I've seen so many bloggers say the most amazing things about their products and the fact I now have a nail polish by them makes me so excited. Red is also such a great nail colour and I can't wait to hopefully do little nail designs.. Not that I'm any good but still. Last year Ally became obsessed with this peach melba polish and it honestly is one of the top polishes for summer and I am so glad that I now have it because as soon as the sun hits the UK I'll be ready to start painting my nails with this beaut. Finally, most probably don't even know but I literally carry tissue around with me all the time (okay, making myself sound weird but you never know when you might be in need of it) and if anyone's ever in need of any I'm your girl so these little bird patterned pockets ones come in such handy even though I'll admit it'll take me a good while to actually open them as the packing is so pretty.

New Look Floral Purse & Key Chain Accessory:
I've been in need of a new purse for ages now as using an oyster card holder to carry all your cards and money in can be rather tricky. Not only does it come in handy but I love the little floral print on it. New Look honestly have one of the best selections of purses and it'll fit so perfectly in my bag and it's generally so easy to carry around with me day to day. I also got the most adorable key chain accessory with what I think is little horses on it. I sometimes (majority of the time) always carelessly chuck my keys around the house and end up panicking about where I left them but now with this cute key chain it'll be hard to miss where I placed  them. ;)

True Spirit Earrings:
I am so happy with these earrings. I can never seem to find a good pack of earrings and I've been telling myself that I need to wear more and I most certainly will with these three awesome designs. I am already selecting outfits out in my head that I'll wear each of them with, ha!

MUA Extreme Curl Mascara & L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes:
Not only did I get one but I got two new mascaras. Yes, yes, yes. Mascara seems to run out far too quickly for my liking and now I'm set for a good while. First off I've seen so many good reviews on this MUA mascara and I'm extremely excited to try it out myself. Secondly I can't believe I now also have the L'oreal Paris volume million lashes mascara as I'd heard so many good things about it from my older sister then so many bloggers have recommended it too. I have really strange eyelashes and even when I apply mascara the majority of the time it doesn't even take affect that well so I am really hoping that this will do the trick as well as the MUA mascara too.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume:
I now own Taylor Swifts perfume, yay! since the moment it came out I've wanted it and I had a little tester of it but now I actually have the real thing. It smells so amazing and every time I spray some on myself I'll think I'm Taylor Swift then put my cat ears headband on and start singing and dancing as if I'm in the 22 music video. ;) This will no doubt be my favourite perfume to wear of all time. Anyone looking for a new perfume to buy then I recommend getting Wonderstruck because it smells so good and who wouldn't want to smell like a Taylor Swift perfume?

Thorntons Mint Chocolate & Friendship Collage:
I love Thorntons chocolate and this will literally be demolished so very soon. I just love chocolate so much, nom! my amazing friend Sian made me & Ally the coolest collage of pictures from over time. Since becoming friends we've literally taken thousands of pictures so I have to say well done to her for actually narrowing it down to just a few, haha! in our room we've also really wanted a wall where we could just add lots of pictures of us and our friends and this will so be going up and Sian even gave us more pictures that she got developed that couldn't fit in with this collage so I am so excited to put those up too. This is just so cute and is something nice to wake up to and just reminds me of the awesome friendships I have! :D

Honestly thank you so much to all my friends for the loveliest cards and presents, I love you guys so much! everything featured in this post will most definitely be making appearances on here again! :D


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Review: Artixo's Enriched Moisturising Hand Cream.❤

Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream - c/o Atrixo 

Hey lovelies,
Back in January I attend a bloggers event for hand cream Atrixo. I very kindly got to take some products home with me and one of my favourites has to be the enriched moisturising hand cream. With the cold weather in the UK at the moment it seriously does come in handy. I have eczema and generally sensitive skin and I've tried quite a few products and they all either seem to be too greasy or just don't do anything to help the sensitive areas but I really do have wonderful praise for this hand cream. I cannot stand creams that are really greasy then you have to wash your hands straight after putting it on just to take it off. I love the fact that this isn't greasy and you just rub it straight into the skin and it just does the job. I think this is so easy to carry around with you and you get so much in there. They also have them in smaller packaging that'll be easier to carry around with you if you don't have a big enough bag to carry this one in. I haven't used loads but from the hand creams I've used from September, Atrixo has by far been the best! :) 

Have you used an Atrixo hand cream before? 



Tuesday, 19 March 2013

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY | 18 Today.❤

*Me bringing out the inner cat in me.*

Hey lovelies,
I'm 18 today. Yay. I can't believe I'm actually 18.. I remember just celebrating my 14th birthday as if it was yesterday, being so excited to buy Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' album and going to Pizza Hut with my friends and now I'm planning trips to bars and clubs with my friends. Crazy times. If you didn't already know, I'm a twin so.. Obviously it's my twin sister Ally's birthday too. ;) Happy birthday gurl, have a good day! we're going to be celebrating with loads of our friends on Friday, so expect a post on it and we'll also be doing some stuff in the half term.. So look out for all my upcoming birthday related posts. ;) Thank you lovelies for all the lovely messages so far! I still look about 12, ha! ❤


Saturday, 16 March 2013

18th Birthday Wishlist.❤

Birthday Wishlist
                                                              Hey beauts,
If you haven't already seen my numerous tweets, it's me & Ally's 18th birthday on March 19th (this Tuesday). I've just chosen a few things that I really want for my birthday. I know that everything in this wishlist will go to good use. I obviously had to add a Topshop tee dress as I've been after one for so long and I know I'll get such good wear out of it and the same goes for the Celine Paris top, paired with disco pants and a blazer to dress it up or a skirt and cardigan for a more casual look I just have to get my hands on one. I've also had to add my loves - two headbands and two lipsticks.. I am just loving them both at the moment. And lastly just a few more beauty products, a gorgeous Asos satchel and obviously it's about time I got the Pretty Little Liars box set in my life. ;)
                                                * Rimmel London Matte 107 lipstick.
                                                * MAC Ruby Woo lipstick.
                                                * Crown and Glory headband.
                                                * Essie - Mint Candy Apple polish.
                                                * Barry M - Peach polish.
                                                * Topshop - Grey tee dress.
                                                * Celine Paris top.
                                                * L'Oreal - Million Lashes Mascara. 
                                               * Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume.
                                               * Boohoo - Cat headband.
                                               * Pretty Little Liars box-set. 
                                               * Asos - navy and tan satchel.

                                             Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22.❤

Jumper - Primark (old)/ Velvet Skirt - Primark via eBay/ Boots - Primark (old)

Hey beauts,
This is one the outfits I wore to college this week. It's absolutely freezing outside so I just seem to be glued into my jumpers! until now I didn't even realise that I'm wearing a complete Primark outfit, ha! I got this jumper from Primark about two or three years ago? I only recently-ish found it and I'm glad to see it still fits perfectly. I love that it's quite a dark pink and that it isn't too 'out there'. I'm not sure if you can see but on the right side of the shoulder there's three little buttons and I think it just adds really cute detailing. I really need to stop wearing my velvet skirt but it's just my favourite at the moment and I think pink and black really go so well together! 

I've got laryngitis again and it sucks big time. It feels like someone is trying to rip my throat out. *le cry* I really do hope that I get better before my birthday next week, it wont' exactly be the nicest thing to be in pain on such a special day. I've started doing the 30 Day Shred again with Ally, it's hard work but it's nice to exercise. Don't forget, if you want to vote for my blog in the Company Style Blogger Awards then you can do so here. I need to catch up on my college work that I should have done ages ago, naughty! 

P.s Ally revamped my header for me and I've still got the beautiful picture that Hannah made for me included in it. My whole blogs getting a little revamping! 

Song In Title: Taylor Swift - 22.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

OOTD: Cause I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love If I Ever Did That, I Think I’d Have A Heart Attack.❤

Quick note - If you would like to vote for my blog as "Best Personal Style Blog" or any other category you think it deserves in the Company Style Blogger awards you can do here and it only takes a few seconds. It would be pretty awesome if I was shortlisted... Obviously only if you want to. ;) *fingers crossed* :D 

Top - Primark/ Velvet Skirt - Primark via eBay/ Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union 

Hey beauts,
This is the outfit I wore to my friend Juliet's 19th birthday shindig last weekend. I literally haven't been to a party since her 18th last year (living the wildlife, kidding)so, obviously I really wanted to have a good time and feel comfortable in my outfit as well as making sure that I liked the look of it!

I went into Primark on Oxford Street to look for an outfit, I absolutely love how big it is in there and I was determined to walk out with either a new dress or top. After what felt like hours of searching and trying on different outfits in the changing room and not being happy with how anything looked (as always) I walked out to see this selection of tops with chains round the neckline.. I'd seen Maddie do an outfit post back in December and she featured the most amazing top from River Island that also had a chain around the neckline and after seeing it I really wanted it so, when I saw this beaut in Primark I knew it was going to be apart of my outfit and decided to pair it with my trusty black velvet skirt. I love the chain so much on the top and I also love the sheer black sleeves as I hate showing my arms. You can also get the same top with just a different chain in Primark. My top was only £8.00, total bargain. I obviously added my lovers to my outfit - my amazing chelsea boots that never do me any wrong and that surprisingly didn't hurt my feet all night. I really did have an amazing time at the party and my friends are absolutely hilarious people!

I decided to mirror all my photos in this post just to try something different - I like it! :)

Song In Title: Demi Lovato - Heart Attack.

What do you think of my outfit?


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

OOTD: I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags, Only Got Twenty Dollars In My Pocket. ❤

Jumper - Charity Shop/ Dress as Skirt - Primark via eBay/ Tights - Primark/ Parka Jacket - Charity Shop

Hey lovelies,
You know when you just aren't sure about pictures for an outfit post? I had one of those moments with this outfit but decided to post this anyway because this is my first outfit post outside, can't wait for summer so I can pretty much take all my photos outside. :)  I did that thing in my head when you match an outfit together and then get super excited when you realise that they actually do go really well together. I wore this outfit back in the February half term when I went to Starbucks with some friends then ended up going into central London. Even though it was still pretty cold out the sun was shining which was so lovely. 

I got my jumper from a local charity shop back in October-ish time and only these last few weeks have I really started to show it some loving, I just found it really hard to pair it with things but since buying it I have made quite a few new purchases and find it easier to go with things. The beautiful yellow dress is originally from Primark but I got it via eBay, I was so delighted when it arrived and I can't wait to fully show it off with a little cardigan in the summer, the colour is gorgeous and really has summer written all over it. Lastly, my brogues were a charity shop buy too.. Ally actually spotted them for herself but unfortunately they were only in my size, ha. ;) I really do love this outfit and I just feel like it has spring/summer written all over it. :)

      Song In Title: Macklemore - Thrift Shop

What do you think of my outfit?



Monday, 4 March 2013

Nails Of The Week | Kardashian Polishes.#2

Hey beauts,
I've been meaning to add more nail posts to my blog and thought it would be the perfect time to start doing that by showing you all two out of the three new nail polishes from the Kardashian Collection by Nicole OPI that I won in one of Kirsty's Christmas giveaways! 

I got 'Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam' which is a gorgeous dark teal colour. It's a very bluey green. I've never owned a polish like this one before and I've become so obsessed with it. From what I've seen from the other colours in the collection this one by far has to be my favourite, there just isn't any colour like this. The second one is 'Rainbow In The S-Kylie' which is such a beautiful glitter polish filled with small to large glitter pieces. It is always such a hassle painting your nails with just a glitter polish and then having to put all that effort in trying to get it to come off so, I decided that I'd just put it over a colour instead and I absolutely love it. I've kept continuously re-painting my nails like this for the past two weeks now. I find that two to three coats really does the job and as for chipping it lasts for roughly just about a week. The other polish that I got that I'll definitely be featuring on here soon is 'All Kendall-ed Up' which is a gorgeous fuchsia colour. All three of the polishes that I got are apart of the Rainbow set which is £19.75 on QVC or you can get them individually on Asos for £5.50. I absolutely love these polishes and I definitely want to treat myself to other colours in the collection. I really love the names of each polish too. :)

Have you got any polishes from the Kardashian OPI collection or have your eye on any?

Have a good week!



Friday, 1 March 2013

Review: 2True Lipstick | Shade 10.

                                                 2True Glossywear Lipstick Shade 10 - Superdrug £1.99

 Hey lovelies,
Every time I go shopping or even set foot in a Superdrug the day always ends with me purchasing a new lipstick. Shekinah says I have an addiction to purchasing lipsticks but I don't really think she can judge since she has an addiction to shopping (gurl, I went thurrr) the other week while shopping with Shekinah & Ally we popped into Superdrug and I wasn't even planning on getting a new lipstick but I saw the 2True stand and saw that their lipsticks were only £1.99 and decided to pick one up. 

I got my lipstick in shade 10 and I can't even begin to tell you all how perfect it is. I own a lot of lipsticks and I love wearing it on a day to day basis including to college but a lot of the lipsticks I own are quite out there and I just feel that a lot of them are just too bright. I'd been on the look out for a lipstick that was very natural looking and I was so pleased when I picked this up. The colour is so natural looking and it just has the nicest glossy finish without being sticky. What amazes me so much about this lipstick though is the fact it was only £1.99 but it could so pass for a lipstick from a high end brand. It does lose its shine after a while but then it just gives it a matte look on the lips and I actually love the matte look so all in all that's just a total bonus for me. The packaging is really cute too, the fact that you can see the actual lipstick on top is really cool. I wish all lipsticks came in cool packaging like this then it would be so easy to pick which lipstick you want to wear without all the fuss of taking off every lipstick top. There are 9 other shades to choose from and I've already got my eyes on shades 9 and 5. I know I'll be adding them to my collection soon since the price is amazing! :)

I'm thinking of adding a new tab onto my blog called 'lipstick' so that it's easier for people to see my lipstick posts. I've done a few already and with my ever growing collection there certainly will be many more to come. ;)

What do you think of my lipstick? do you own anything by 2True?

Have a good weekend! :)



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