Thursday, 27 September 2012

WANTS From The Lana Del Rey H&M Campaign.

Hey beauts,
I absolutely adore Lana Del Rey so when I found out she was the new face of H&M's autumn/winter campaign I was super excited. H&M seriously do some of the best quality clothes ever, I think it's perfect that they've both come together and something so beautiful has been created. With Christmas just round the corner I thought I'd make a list of items that I want from the new H&M collection.   

L-R: Burgundy Trousers £24.99/ Blazer £24.99/ Black Trousers £29.99

I think these items will be great to wear in autumn/winter. Even though it'll start to get extremely cold, we can still look trendy and warm at the same time.  

L-R: Studded Blouse £19.99/ Sequinned Skirt £34.99/ Floral Print Blouse £19.99

The blouses are very smart with added extra things like the studs/floral print, these two items will be perfect for me to wear to college. The skirt will be lovely to jazz up simple outfits or just to wear when going out with friends.

L-R: Light Pink Jumper £19.99/ Light Green Platform Shoes £29.99/ Marled Dress £19.99

I've already said on here that I want a big collection of jumpers this winter, I definitely want to be adding this H&M jumper to the list. The shoes are very different but I think I'm more open to wearing certain shoes/clothes, I'd love to buy them and find an awesome way to style them. I don't own many sort of day/smart dresses so I'd love to purchase this dress, the colour is fantastic.

Have you purchased anything from H&M's autumn/winter collection or got your eye on anything?


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

OOTD: Yes, since we found out. Since we found out. That anything could happen.♥

Black Cardigan - George Asda *unknown price.*
Navy Top - Primark £3.00
Shorts - Store Twenty One £6.00
Leggings - Primark £3.00
Trainers - *My mum bought them for me, unknown store and price.*
White Headband - Primark £1.00
Bag - Store Twenty One £7.00

Hello lovelies, *sniff sniff* I'm currently in bed writing this post as I've got what feels like the worst cold I've ever had. :( I'm tucked up though drinking hot chocolate and watching the Rugrats in bed so I guess it isn't all that bad, HA. This is obviously the first to come out of the winter colds we all get, hopefully I'll feel better soon though, to be honest I could have it a lot worse.

These pictures were taken on Saturday when me, Sian & Ally decided to go out for a little bit in our local town. It was so nice because we walked all around and I saw so many places that I hadn't even seen before. The outfit I picked to wear seriously wasn't anything special, I just had to put on a pair of shorts though as summer has well and truly come to an end so I wanted to make the most of them. I am so obsessed with my navy top from Primark, such a good price and there's literally so many colours to choose from. I definitely need to go back before they all sell out, haha. I just love the fact that the top isn't really low cut, I've always had trouble in the past with Primark's simple tops because they always seemed to be low cut on me but this one is just fab. Also, I absolutely love my bag, I take it to college with me and it's just so handy. 

Lastly, I've been trying to eat healthy since my weight tips post, I'm not going to lie and say I've been eating amazingly healthy because that isn't the truth but I know I've really tried to put my effort into it and I definitely think I could do so much better. You've just got to take these things one step at a time though. On Sunday me, Juliet, Sian & Ally went to the gym for a bit, it was definitely hard work but it felt good to know I was taking control of my weight even though it was just over an hour session, but the gym and other activities are definitely things that I want to start doing more regularly. :)

Sorry to keep asking but if you could spare less than a minute and click HERE and vote for me to meet + interview Taylor Swift on behalf of MTV, thank you!

Hope you all have a lovely week!


Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Week In Pictures #8

Me & Ally's first proper week in college// Delicious healthy college lunch// Bella being a cutie 

Making Peppa Pig cakes with Ally and our niece// They came out looking lovely on a first attempt// Yay, finished

Lunch with the family, tuna melt panini's rock// Mum & I couldn't resist the Superdrug 2 for £10 on all Maybelline products// Nice brownie sundae to end a long week 

This week has been super long with starting college this week. It was nice to spend some time with my family and eat amazing food. I've picked up a cold which is a bummer. :( My Christmas spirit is kind of dropping but hopefully as it gets nearer and I start buying presents it'll all become more exciting. I have another very long week to come, hope it's a good one though. 

Hope you all have a lovely week! :)


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What To Do When You've Lost Your Blogging Mojo?

*Image taken from Google Images.*

Hey lovelies,
I feel that I need to do this post to really help myself out but not only me but other bloggers too. I know we all absolutely love blogging and you really have those weeks when you're on a roll and you've got all these creative ideas flying all around the place and the creative juices are flowing but it really sucks when you're all out of ideas and you've literally just lost your blogging mojo.

I seriously am no expert but I've got a few tips that really help me out sometimes, have a look and see if any can help you. :) 

*Image taken from Google Images.*

1.) Let It Come To You - Don't try to force yourself to post things you really don't want to post about, try to have a clear positive mind and hopefully ideas for new posts will come to you.

2.) Look In Old Places - Have a look through your files on your laptop, computer or phone. Sometimes you can get inspiration from things you forgot you even had and you also might be lucky enough to find some pictures that you could use for an OOTD post.

3.) Discuss A Topic -  Find a topic that you could share your opinion on, it could be a topic you saw online, in a magazine, in a newspaper or even discussed with friends about. 

4.) Ask Around - The blogging community is filled with some amazingly lovely people, ask around on Twitter, Facebook etc... at what kind posts people would currently enjoy reading.

5.) Do Nothing - You could simply just do nothing and wait for something to come to you, there's nothing worse than trying to force yourself into thinking about something when your brain clearly isn't helping you out. 

6.) Relax. - Have a nap, take a bath or even have a nice cuppa. Things really do come to you at the most random times.

What other bloggers said:
I asked around on Twitter & Facebook for any tips that bloggers could give to each other -

* "I have a flick through a magazine! whether you blog about lifestyle, beauty or fashion, there is always something in a mag." - FashionRocksMySocks

* "Go outside and get inspired by everyday life, try to come up with a post that's unique from all your other ones. Also, when you're motivated make sure you write down all your ideas in a notepad/chalkboard or noticeboard so when you are stuck on what to write you can look back." - Strawberries-Taste-How-Lips-Do

 * "give yourself time. Don't pressure yourself to think of something because it will come when you least expect it. And perhaps read mags. They sometimes give me ideas. Just let your mind wonder." - TheEdgeOfBeauty7

* "The only way I can get past my writers block is to get out. Go somewhere you think is beautiful - a park, a library, the beach - and just let your mind rest. Whenever I've stressed about what I should write I can never seem to come up with anything, so taking a moment to "Breathe" can really help. Also on the days you're feeling extra inspired write extra posts for those creativity lacking days!"- TheUrbanUmbrella

* "If I have a general idea of what I'd like to write about I take a look at pictures of things that interest and inspire me about the topic and usually I'm able to pull out some ideas from that as a decent starting place. " - The Vagrinda

* " I would leave the cyber world for a day or two. get in touch with the real world sometimes it will just come up in the middle of the night" - The Nuliya

I know this was a rather short post but I just really hope it helps other bloggers out an thanks to all the lovely ladies who helped out and gave me tips to include. Just remember everyone has a unique blog, we all work so hard from writing posts to designing our blog's so seriously don't get yourself down when you can't think of anything to write. 

If you have any more tips then definitely leave it in the comments so anyone reading can have a look. :)


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

OOTD: And now my heart is broken Like the bottles on the floor.

Grey Blazer - Charity Shop £3.75
Navy Top - Primark £3.00
Black Jeans - Primark £7.00
Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union £25
Lipstick - 'Grape Glitz' Collection £1.00
Nail Polish - 'Mint Cream' Elf £1.50

Hello lovelies,
I started college last week and to be honest it was actually quite a breeze, barley did anything since it was induction week but  this week has already been really hectic, got late starts and really late finishes but it's cool because I have Thursdays off. :D 

This outfit is the third and final OOTD post on "how I style a grey blazer" you can find the other two I did HERE and HERE. This is just another nice and casual outfit that I can wear to college, it's very simple but yet again the blazer just adds something a little different to it. I think I will at some point be wearing this outfit to college apart from the chelsea boots since you aren't really allowed to wear anything with heels on, no matter how big or small the heel is. I'm seriously loving everything from Primark's A/W collection. I need to do so much more shopping but waiting until probably the end of September/early October when it gets colder and I'll be able to stock up on lots of jumpers, jumpers are amazing.

I seriously can't believe there's not long to go until Christmas. So excited for Starbucks red cups to come back out and to go Christmas shopping, there's so many amazing shops near my college and on our lunch breaks me & Ally are always having a look round. There's not long to go until my Uncles wedding too, I seriously need to get a move on and start ordering things. I know everything is going to be quite crazy up until Christmas time so need to get as much work done as possible and try to have some fun at the same time. ;)

Are you excited for Christmas?


Friday, 14 September 2012

Style Inspiration: Kendall & Kylie Jenner

*Images taken from Google images.*

Hey beauts,
wouldn't we all love to be a Jenner/Kardashian? I absulotely love Kendall & Kylie, I think that over the last two or so years both the girls styles have really changed and they've been dressing amazingly. The girls dress in a really fun and girly way which I love. Kendall is the same age as me and Kylie is two years younger, I think they've really inspired me with the outfits I wear now. They always look fabulous and I love everything they're currently doing with Seventeen magazine. I know the girls are in the process of designing their own jewellery line, super excited for the line to come out. Let's hope that a fashion line isn't far behind. 

Do you like Kendall & Kylie's style?


Thursday, 13 September 2012

BooHoo £50 Blogger Challenge.

                                              Hey lovelies,
In celebration of BooHoo making it into Fashion VouchersTop Ten Fashion Money Saving Websites they've decided to launch a blogging challenge where you have to create a BooHoo outfit for £50 or less *maximum cost £50.* 4 bloggers will win a £50 BooHoo outfit. Competition ends September 30th and winners will be announced on their Twitter page @fashvouchersIt isn't as easy as it seems as you can pick anything you like from the BooHoo website and everything is just amazing so it's challenging trying to hit that £50 or under mark. There's so much to choose from, from accessories, shoes, clothes, etc.

I didn't know what kind of a look I was going for but I knew straight away that I wanted to use black spiked wedges as they can be very versatile. I then looked at the tops and saw a whole range of Peplum tops, I'm really loving them at the minute so I knew I wanted to add one into my outfit. I was thinking of going for a black Peplum top but knew I'd pick a skirt, shorts or trousers that were a quite dark colour so I just wanted to jazz up the outfit a bit with some colour. Finally, I then decided that for the bottom half I'd go for some skinny jeans, I was originally looking for just a plain pair but then these peace patterned ones really caught my eye and I thought they'd go well with the outfit. All in all I think my outfit is quite casual-ish but maybe with some added accessories it could be dressed up. I know that we're nearly in A/W but I think with a jacket or blazer added to it because of the cold weather it'll look perfect. The total price of it all came to £49.00!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOTD: I think this might be it for us, blow me one last kiss.

Blazer - Charity Shop £3.75
Jumper - Charity Shop £3.75
Black Jeans - Primark £7.00
Black Plimsolls - Primark £4.50
Headband - Primark £1.00
Collection 'Grape Glitz' Lipstick - Superdrug £2.99
Nail Polish - 'Mint Cream' Elf £1.50 

Hey sweethearts,
If you saw my blog yesterday I actually posted this outfit in a 'how to style a grey blazer' post but my blog kept messing where the post went on my page so I've now just decided to do separate OOTD posts on both the outfits. *Sorry for my messy hair.* I absolutely adore the grey knitted-ish blazer that I bought from my local charity shop, it was originally from Bonmarche. It's literally so warm and comfy to wear and I know I'll be wearing it all the time but I'm waiting until it gets much colder to wear it. It's definitely versatile, I matched some outfits with it and *as I always say* you can dress it up or dress it down, haha.    

 I absolutely love the white jumper I'm wearing in this outfit, it's a very light jumper. I'm really digging the collar on it too, I thought because it's so thin on the days it's extra freezing I could possibly wear it with a big jumper on top so you can just see the collar over the jumper. My sisters and mum have been eyeing up the jumper a lot, definitely think someone will try to borrow without asking. ;) I wasn't sure whether the blazer would go okay with the jumper but I actually really like it, I also think with the jeans and plimsolls it just gives it a very smart/casual look. I think this look is perfect for an outfit to wear to college.

I've been enjoying doing OOTD posts so much recently. Definitely expect to see more on here soon. Anyone else wish they were going to London Fashion Week? :( I totally wish I was going, but I can't wait to see which celebrities attend/the amazing outfits from the catwalk. 

Enjoy the rest of your week! :)


Monday, 10 September 2012

Amazing New Blog Header By The Lovely Hannah From Daisies & Dr Martens.

                                                  Hey beauts, 
eeep! I'm so excited to share this post with you all. I loved my old header so much and had it for a good while but fancied a bit of a change. Not long ago I came across Hannah from the blog doodleheartx and her Facebook page here - and saw the amazing illustration designs she'd created and knew straight away that I wanted her to design a header for me. When deciding on how I wanted my header I knew straight away that I wanted at least my face to be in the header with my blog name. So a few emails later and this beauty was created.

               This is the picture I wanted in my header *but without the background stuff.*-

This is my amazing finished header -
I'm still in so much shock at how amazing it is. :'D Thank you so much again Hannah. I love how I'm holding balloons and it's just so beautifully detailed. Also, if you like her illustrations then definitely follow her blog HERE and like her Facebook page HERE which she updates regularly with the most coolest illustrations she's recently made.  


Saturday, 8 September 2012

OOTD: We are never ever ever getting back together.♥

Grey Zip Top - Charity Shop £3.75
Grey Blazer - Charity Shop £3.75
Black Jeans - Primark £7.00
Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union £25.00
Lipstick - 'Grape Glitz' Collection £1.00
Nail Polish - 'Mint Cream' Elf £1.50

Hey lovelies,
I start college on Monday and I'm so nervous, eeek! it's going to be so different not really knowing anyone but I really hope I enjoy it. Anyway, yesterday I went shopping to get some new clothes and expected to get so much from Primark because their new stock is absolutely amazing but a lot of it is like large jumpers and very wintry because it's their new A/W collection and if you live in the UK you'll know the weather has been up and down these last few months and September is apparently meant to be really hot so I didn't want to spend loads of money on winter clothes when I won't have the chance to wear them just yet, so I'm just going to wait till it gets colder to purchase them.

Onto the actual outfit, haha. I bought everything apart from the chelsea boots yesterday. I really like the grey top and I'm not sure if you can see but there's two really cool pockets on the front at the bottom and I love the detailing of the zip on the back, it just adds a little something different to it. I'm not really a fan of Primark jeans but yesterday my mind changed completely, these are so fitting and are super comfortable. I know I'll be wearing them a lot in the winter and they've also got lots of really cool other colours that I want to get my hands on. The blazer was my favourite purchase yesterday, it's a sort of knitted material and it'll definitely be something that keeps me extra warm in the winter. Finally, I've mentioned the chelsea boots SO many times on here, super easy to walk in and can really dress up or dress down an outfit.

Loads of my friends have early birthdays so there's a lot of 18th birthdays coming up and  meals out and I think maybe with a Peplum or dressier top then this would be perfect to go out for a meal in. Can't believe the dreaded 7am wake up call starts again on Monday. :( It's back to stressing about what outfit I'm going to wear each day but with the winter almost here I'll definitely be glued into jeans & jumpers. :)

Also, Cosmopolitan retweeted my post on studding my jeans & shirt the other day, seriously made my day. :D

What do you think of this outfit?


Friday, 7 September 2012

MTV VMAs 2012 Best Dressed!

                                            Hey lovelies,
last night saw the 2012 MTV VMAs take place live from the Staple Center in LA. Obviously not being from America meant I couldn't watch it live on TV but I found a live link online to watch all the action take place.  An hour or so before the show actually started there was a live stream of the celebrities walking on the red carpet, I've only decided to do a best dressed post because I actually think apart from 3 or 4 people I'd seen pretty much everyone had amazing outfits, I do think some people were too under dressed for the event
                                      Best Dressed Females: 

 Miley Cyrus: Miley, looked absolutely amazing, she had a sort of grunge punk rock look and it really complemented her new short platinum hair do. I loved her black Emilio Pucci gown and the accessories she paired it with.               

Holland Roden: I was a bit undecided at first on Holland's dress but I definitely really like it. I think the short girlieness was what really attracted me to liking it and she just looks wonderful in it.

Taylor Swift: When seeing outfits at celebrity events I always love seeing the girls in dresses BUT this year Taylor Swift, really blew me away, she opted for a white J. Mendel pant suit, this was a risky outfit to wear but Taylor definitely pulled it off well. 

Katy Perry: I think my all round best dressed female of the night hands down has to go to Katy, she looked stunning in her sheer Elie Saab gown. Her long dark hair made her look even more perfect too.

Rihanna: First off Rihanna, really pulled off the short hair look last night and I think it went in well with her floor length white gown. The open back on the dress also added the best touch to it.

P!nk: I can't believe how stunning P!nk, looked last night. She really worked that silver dress well. The pattern on the back of the dress looked fab. As ever, her hair looked amazing.

Ke$ha: I'm still undecided on Ke$ha's dress but I think Ke$ha, seriously looked so beautiful. I think we aren't really used to seeing her like this. I loved how she kept it all simple and no glitter in sight, haha. 

Demi Lovato: Demi, always looks fabulous and I knew she'd come out wearing something I'd be in total love with. I loved her short little sparkly black dress she wore to perform in and loved how she paired it with a leather jacket.  

Emma Watson: Emma, looked incredible. The Peter Pilotto outfit she wore was nice and bright and really made her stand out from the other females. 

Best Dressed Males:
I just had to quickly add in that by far in my eyes the best dressed males were The Wanted lads. They all looked dashing in their Tommy Hilfiger suits. 

Who do you think was the best dressed?


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Let's Talk Cameras?

                                     Hey girlies, 
I always love this time of year because it means we can all start thinking about Christmas presents to buy family & friends and not only that we can start making our lists of presents we want to receive from our parents. ;) Since becoming a blogger back in February I've become even more interested in makeup, clothes, bags, etc... but one thing I've wanted for a good while now is a good professional camera.

*Image taken from Tumblr.*

There are literally so many cameras to choose from and picking the right one is vital to me. Ideally I'd want a camera that's under £300, I know you can get some really good ones from Argos for £100-£200. Since I'm going to ask my mum to buy it for me I want to add in some money, if it's quite pricey. It would be so awesome to have my pictures on here looking good. Also, I don't want anything too much because the camera I decide to get I will be taking to concerts and just trips out. 

Just to add, pretty much looking for a bridge camera.

So, if you could, please recommend me good cameras that you either have or know are good in the comments below? :D 


Monday, 3 September 2012

Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion Review.

                                   Hey beauts, 
I've literally been trying to do a review on this body lotion for a few weeks now but I've been having difficulties with uploading the pictures, so I'm apologising now for how the pictures look, haha! 
I usually wouldn't do a review on a body lotion because I think there's only so much you can say but after purchasing this Dove body lotion I've just got to share it with you all. I have eczema well when I was younger I had it quite bad. Since I can remember from being little I've always used special creams and a few years ago I'd get E45 free from the doctors for my eczema and that's a great cream but then they introduced this new cream which is like a gel type of cream and it's good but it's really oily on my skin and literally after about an hour or so it just isn't noticeable anymore. So, a few weeks ago while in Superdrug I looked for a different cream.

I don't like to use creams with perfumes in because I have quite sensitive skin. I saw this and knew I wanted it because I've tried a Dove lotion before and was very pleased with it so I knew this would be a good option for me and at only £3ish I really couldn't go wrong. This lotion is absulotely amazing, it really does the job. It isn't oily on the skin and it has the most beautiful smell to it, you can smell it on yourself pretty much all day. It lasts for a good few hours but if you are off for a night out then I'd top up on it.

On the bottle it says "This body lotion not only moisturises the surface of your skin, it also delivers deep nourishment for long lasting beautifully soft and and smooth skin." I really think it lives up to that. I think this is a lotion that you can definitely carry around with you on the go. I'd definitely recommend this to everyone. Winter is approaching and I know that a lot of skin gets dry in the cold weather so I think this will really help.     On the Superdrug website it says £3.75 for the 250ml bottle which is what I have and £5.59 for the 400ml bottle. I will definitely be stocking up on this body lotion.

Would you try this Dove body lotion?


Sunday, 2 September 2012

September Plans & Goals.

                                 HAPPY SEPTEMBER.

Hey there lovelies,
can you believe it's September already? I've had over 6 weeks off and I just can't believe it's all coming to an end. It literally feels like just yesterday I was starting sixth form. I took a course in sixth form for a year and I'm doing another 2 years of that course in college starting on the 10th and I shall be continuing to study creative media studies, it feels so weird because apart from Ally, and 2 other people I won't know anybody. I think college will definitely (well hopefully) be better for me in just like being more independent and meeting new people. 

This year has gone so fast and I generally can't believe there's 3 months till the end of the year and 6 months left till I turn 18, I look about 12 so it'll be interesting to see people's reactions when I tell them I'm 18, haha! from when I start college there's literally so much going on like 18th birthdays, my uncles wedding, Christmas etc, I don't get my actual timetable until the day I actually start but I think I have one day off every week which is so exciting, it means I can catch up on sleep and blog more, well I've decided to set days when I blog so I'm thinking maybe Tuesdays. Fridays and sometimes weekends I'll blog? so I'll blog three times a week, which sounds good to me. That'll probably change though depending on my timetable and when it's half term obviously.

*Image taken from Google images.* 

I've taken a lot of inspiration from Zoella's new post HERE on saying yes to things you usually wouldn't. I absulotely loved the post and I'll definitely try my hardest to say yes to more things because as she said you only get one life and you want to make memories and you really can't do that  by saying no to things all the time. 

I'm going to add a list of goals that I want to stick TRY to stick to.

1.) Try to say YES to more things, I know pretty much all the time I'm scared to say yes to certain things or I just be so boring. There's really no fun in not doing some of these awesome things I'm asked to do and plus it's great because that means the more things I do the more things I'll have to blog about. ;)

2.) I shouldn't be afraid to wear whatever I want to college, I need to stop wearing simple things like leggings, a top and a cardigan and just try to pick other outfits too. I really shouldn't worry about people starring at my outfit, at least I'll look more stylish. 

3.) I personally want to start wearing more makeup just like mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and maybe a tad of eye shadow, I need to stop being lazy in the mornings and put in the actual effort of wearing makeup. 

4.) I need to stop being so simple, I really need to experiment with clothing items and makeup. I'm slightly getting sick of my simple ways.

5.) I know I've been looking rather hard lately but I seriously need a job. I hate asking for money from my mum. :(

6.) I want to try my hardest at not being so shy, it's not like I can pretend to have all this confidence because I really can't and I know it's going to be really hard but I just need to take it all step by step and try and come out of my comfort zone.

7.) This is a fun goal, I need to start spending more money on clothes and other little things I need and stop trying to put off spending money in case I find something else I like, such an annoying little habit I have. 

8.) Lastly, I just need to definitely start having more fun, when in College and don't understand something raise my hand and ask for the help I need.

I really want to stick to these goals I've set, it's weird because I'm setting myself goals 3 months before new years but I hope to continue doing these things well after new years. Also, I've added a poll to my blog where I've asked what kind of posts you want to see more of on here and thanks to all those who have voted, I really want to start doing a bigger variety (well not too big) of posts.

Have you set yourself any recent goals?



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