Jeans/Disco Pants Inspired School Outfits.


Hey girlies,
I thought I'd do this post to give outfit ideas to anyone going back to sixth form etc... It doesn't have to be for your first day back or anything but just ideas of possible outfits you could wear this autumn/winter. It's going to start getting so cold but there's no reason you can't look stylish and warm at the same time. I've chosen three outfits three black skinny jeans and three outfits with black disco pants.

Back to school - with jeans.
Skinny jeans are perfect to wear, they're so versatile like you can wear them dressed up, dressed down or even when you are trying to look smart. I really like the outfits that I've picked because they aren't too overboard and also there'll probably be times when you go out for lunch or do something afterwards and these are outfits that you can just continue to wear and you won't have to go home to change or anything but I guess maybe if you wanted to dress it up a little more then you could just stick a pair of heels on.
Outfit 1:                                                       
 - Peplum Top: H&M                           

 - Skinny Jeans: Topshop                
 - Leather Biker Jacket: Topshop            
 - Creeper Dupes: AX Paris            

Outfit 2:
 - Sleeveless Shirt: Fashion Union 
 - Skinny Jeans: Topshop
 - Black Blazer: Sheinside
 - Studded Loafers: Boohoo

Outfit 3:
 - Cream Jumper: Topshop
 - Skinny Jeans: Topshop
 - Chelsea Boots: Boohoo
                                                                      Back to school with - disco pants.
Disco pants have really become so popular. To me they remind me of better versions of leggings. In sixth form there are so many girls that wear outfits with legging which do look great but leggings can be so see through so I think people would benefit well with disco pants as they aren't see through. Especially for those sort of lazy days when you can't be asked you can just chuck on a pair of disco pants, a top and cardigan. I think the outfits I've chosen are very suitable for school etc... and they're just simple and nothing too heavy.
Outfit 1:
- Knitted Cardigan: Topshop
- White Shirt: Donnaida
- Disco Pants - Glamorous
- Flat Boots: Boohoo

Outfit 2:
- Jumper: Rokit
- Disco Pants: Glamorous
- Studded Loafers: Topshop

Outfit 3:
- Pyrus Blouse: Question-Air
- Disco Pants: Glamorous
- Grey Jacket: Republic
- Cat Shoes: Boohoo

I decided to do this post as I really liked my post I did a few days ago on school fashion (Link here.) and thought it would be good to just give some outfit ideas and I'm going shopping soon to get some new clothes and I think this will really benefit me and just help me when choosing what to buy. Also, if anybody isn't really keen on buying the AA disco pants then I did a post not long ago on where you can buy some dupes from. (Link here.)

                            Would you consider wearing any of these outfits?


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  1. Great outfits!!! I love them all!


  2. Great post, never know what to wear my disco pants with!!

    noticed you love PLL me too :D


    check out my giveaway if you get a chance

    1. Thank you Jennifer. :'D I hope this post has helped you with choosing what to wear with your disco pants!

      I am such a big fan of PLL, glad there's another blogger to share my love for it with! :)