Collection - Ruby Red Lipstick Review!


Hey lovelies,
a few days ago I did a review on Collection's 'Grape Glitz' lipstick which you can read HERE the same day I purchased that lipstick I purchased another one in Shade 3 called 'Ruby Red'. Collection's lipstick's are easily my new favourite. 
Collection - Volume Sensation Lipstick: Shade 3 Ruby Red £99p

I apologise at how chipped my nails look in the third picture, haha. I've wanted a red lipstick for a good while now but always seem to go pink's instead because I think they compliment my skin tone quite well. I really like Collection's red lipstick because you can purchase so many red lipstick's nowadays and there's always that problem of some are to bright or too dark but I think this one is quite in the middle. I'm not really much of a makeup person and the only makeup I wear is mascara and lipstick so I've really enjoyed wearing quite bright lipstick's that stand out well on my face. If you read my other post you'll know that the pharmacist I purchased this from was in the process of changing around a lot so they've got the biggest sale on at the moment and all Collection items are 99p which is fantastic. The packaging to this lipstick is something that I really love. I think I'm right in saying that all of the lipstick's in the volume sensation range are plumped to make your lips look fuller, I'm not really a fan of plumping lipstick's because some that I've used before look really nice on but it burns so much but with this lipstick I literally felt a little tingle which didn't even hurt and the more you put on plumping lipstick's the less you feel the tingle when applying it to the lips. I love the fact that not only this one but many other of the lipstick's in the range can be worn just day to day and when you go out for the night. I know it'll take a good while to finish this lipstick off as I won't be wearing it everyday but I still want to purchase another one. :)

What is your favourite lipstick? 



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  1. Lovely colour lipstick! My old work had a clear out of make up a year ago and I got a red lipstick and things for 25p!

    1. Thanks lovely! :) so lucky, that would be epic getting things for 25p!

  2. such a cute colour!! <3

    1. Thanks hun, definitely one of my favourites<3