OOTD: She's got you high and you don't even know yet!


           Denim Jacket - (unknown price/shop sorry)
Top - Primark £3.00
        Leggings - Primark £4.00

Hey girlies, 
I haven't done an outfit post in ages so I thought I'd take these pictures from another post I did that some of you may or may have not seen. I wore this outfit when I went on a shopping trip to Camden & Oxford Street last week. I absolutely love Camden and the whole vibe of it so I knew I couldn't go too casual. I absolutely adore my denim jacket that was my Grandmas (she had good taste) I know it's going to become a regular thing that I wear/feature here on my blog. Every time I walk into Primark I can't help but splurge out on their £3.00 tops because they always seem to have an interesting variety. I especially loved this top because it's so in your face and can really liven up a dull outfit. I didn't want to wear denim on denim because I think sometimes it can look a little bit too much so I didn't pair this outfit with jeans I decided to play it safe with simple leggings. I always feel so self conscious when wearing leggings because they do show your knickers if you don't wear something that covers up over your bum... But I'm sure you are always meant to wear something that covers your bum in leggings anyway? I know I love leggings alot and I think I need to buy a pair that aren't so see through.    


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  1. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
    Where are you from?

    1. Thanks very much lovely! I'll be sure to check your blog out and I'm from London, England! :D

  2. Love the detailing on the denim jacket, you look lovely :) xxx

    1. That's definitely gotta be my favourite part about it, thanks Em! :)


  3. I love the top!! Love the Denim Jacket too!

    Pls follow at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/.

    Could you please email me at chi.okoye@hotmail.com I want to ask you a question on blog design, I really like the way you designed your blog and I need some help.

    1. Thanks lovely, definitely think this is one of my favourite OOTD posts! :D Thanks very much but I actually got it designed for me but I'll email you details! :)