Sunday, 24 June 2012

Radio 1's Hackney Weekend ♥

Hey lovelies,
I feel as if I haven't posted in ages which is quite true. I've been quite busy at school just getting work complete so I can leave sixth form early.This week looks like another busy one with all my deadlines being on Friday, hopefully seeing some family next weekend and last minute preparations for Prom in a little over a week. But anyway, as promised I'm doing a little post on what I got up to yesterday. 
Back in March Radio 1 announced that they'd have their big weekend on again this, if you remember last year it was in Carlisle and Lady Gaga headlined it. This year it's even bigger and better because it's in support of the Olympics, It's in East London and it's a 2 day festival instead of a 1 day festival. It's called Radio 1's Big Weekend but this year everybody just knows it as Radio 1's Hackney Weekend. Me & Ally were lucky enough to bag ourselves tickets a few months ago and had been looking forward to last night for so long. It did NOT disappoint. 
*looking rough chilling watching kasabian*

I loved the whole aspect of it all. It was generally like one big party in a park with great music and food. Gates opened at 10:30am and the walk from the station to the park was pretty long but it was so great because there were literally signs leading you up to the event and as you kept walking companies were giving out free things like cakes, water, Galaxy chocolate *my fav*, BBQ food and merchandise for the event so that was absolutely lovely. This was my first festival so I expected queues to be quite long but actually it was only about 10 minutes. Once you finally got into the park you had all these food stalls of literally anything you can think of pizza, chinese, burgers, chicken & chips etc... Since we arrived quite early we got good spaces at the front... We planned to stay at the main stage all night because all our favourite acts were playing that stage but it kind of sucked because there were other tents like the dance arena, 1Xtra arena etc... it meant there were a lot of clashing so we had to pick which artist we really wanted to see. Leona Lewis kicked things off at the main stage with a surprise performance with Wretch 32 and then followed by Rizzle Kicks, Example, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Miniaj after Nicki we decided to go around and see who else was playing so we watched a little bit of Lostprophets then watched Flo Rida's whole set which was incredible. We then went back to the Main Stage to catch Kasabian's final few songs then literally everybody came together in excitement for Jay Z's performance, it was surreal. He came out with Rihanna like so shocking then M.I.A came out then Kanye West.... It was so amazing. Even if you didn't know each other everybody would just sing and dance together. I loved every moment of it. I am definitely making up for it this morning though with puffy eyes and really sore feet but it was all so worth it. I'm off to another gig in aid of the Olympics next month and my favourite boys The Wanted are performing so definitely looking forward to it. I'll add in some pictures from last night below:

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post, I'll have an OOTD post up later this week on what I wore last night to Hackney Weekend. I also have a few other posts coming up too. I hope you'll all enjoy them.

Are you off to any concerts or festivals this year?





  1. looks amazing! soo jealous! gutted i didnt get tickets xx

    1. It was such a wicked night. Hopefully you'll be able to get tickets for next year. :D xx

  2. looks like you had an amazing time! i had to settle for watching it on TV :( xoxo

    1. I really did. :') It was nice to do something special like this since I rarely go out. Boo, I hope you enjoyed it though. ;)

  3. Ah soooo jealous! Looks amazing! I couldn't even watch it on TV as I had to work all weekend :(


    1. Ahh, no :( hopefully they'll repeat it again and if not you can watch it on the Hackney Weekend website.

  4. Ah gutted! I really wanted to go! Heard Jay-z on the radio last night and it sounded AH-MA-ZING! Shona at Hoozdoo Beauty xx

  5. Aww, it seriously was. :'D I hope you got to see them at their tour.



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