Wednesday, 2 May 2012

OOTD: Electra Hearts♥

Collar Top - Primark £6
Orange Jumper - Primark £5-£8
Jeans - Store 21
Black & White Trainers - Nikki Shoes £15

I've been meaning to get my hands on a few more jumpers, I know buying more could be super risky since summer is 'supposedly' round the corner but I really want to buy some peter pan collar necklaces to go with them but haven't been shopping in ages. I bought this jumper a few months back and instantly fell in love with it, I find it really hard to pair it t-shirts underneath but thought I did it justice today. My top was such a bargain and I was really delighted when I picked it up, Primark also have it in many different colours. 

My jeans are really comfy and I find myself pairing them with anything because they always seem to go well together. The jeans are my first actual piece of clothing from store 21, I love the shop so much but have only ever been in there to buy shoes or bags but since I've been having a whale of a time with these bad boys maybe It wouldn't be a bad idea to start buying actual clothes. My trainers are new, my Mum bought them for me yesterday and I instantly fell in love, seriously one of the best pair of trainers to be so comfortable on the first day. 




  1. cute jumper, love the colour!



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